Live your own adventure

When we look too far away, we miss where we are.

You’ve been there. You’re frustrated with the daily commute, annoyed with the next door neighbor. All the while, you’re thinking: “If only I was on a great adventure…I could do important things. I could love people in a great way.” But what if your adventure is already here?


In an article for Relevant Magazine, Jon Acuff talks about stopping your quarter-life crisis. At one point, he blames part of the crisis on the Millennial idea of a better adventure being out there.

“It’s far easier to hope for an adventure ‘someday’ than it is to see the adventure of today. ‘Someday’ doesn’t force us to change our lives…’Someday’ doesn’t change the world. The truth is, you’ve already been given a world that needs you. God’s plan for you might be to take you across the globe on an adventure eventually, but in the meantime, don’t forget you’re already on one.” – Jon Acuff.

He elaborates with more, explaining how we can start by loving the people we work and live with. Taking this idea into a particularly challenging exchange with someone, I kept reminding myself: this is my adventure. This is my person to love.

It made a difference.

By always wishing for another—a different—grand adventure, you miss out on the one you have. The daily challenges that tire and bore you may even be the exact thing someone else is dreaming of. Whether that grand thing is traveling to a new place, becoming a parent, graduating college, or simply trying to get along with a difficult person – live it. Live your own adventure, the one you have right now. And when another comes along, you’ll be ready for it.

Of course, that’s not to say you shouldn’t be working toward the adventure you dream of, or working hard at the one you have. No adventure ever went well by being passive about it. Even if life is happening right where you are, you have to grab it. You have to actively love people and live it, not avoid it with Netflix and Pinterest.

So here’s one of my resolutions: in 2016, I’m turning my adventure into a grand story. Join me.