Reasons to love the world: #2

Because we knew immediately we were in a land that values family. Never before had we, as young travelers, been sent off with so many well wishes of children.


It started with the tequila tasting guide who told us to buy the vintage tequila because “that’s how a family gets started!”

We were halfway through our cruise trip when we had stopped on this quiet, cruise-ship island. The tequila guide joked about their own stereotypes.

“You know why Mexicans have such big families? We have the best tequila!” he shouted.

Here it Cozumel, Mexico, it was obvious they realize some of life’s greatest joys are found in family. Lacking the typical sensitivity of the American spirit, he had no qualms telling us to hurry up and have children. His sensitivity perhaps replaced by laughter.

mexico1Our island tour guide wrapped up our tour and took us back to our cruise ship. Before we left, we exchanged hugs and handshakes as he told us, “come back soon with a baby!”

We had come from a home that says once you have children your traveling days are over, and now we were here in a place that said travel with your hands full. It was a strange and welcome remark.

For the laughter and love, Cozumel, Mexico, you are one of the reasons I love this world.


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