The best of May

May: the month of graduations, weddings, birthdays, and every other thing that made you so busy this month that you missed out on these awesome stories. Here are some of the best travel/culture stories that came out last month. Slow down a little and catch up!

The man who saved Colombian coffee {BBC}

An end to second-hand coffee. {BBC}
An end to second-hand coffee. {BBC}

How the Irish lost their words {BBC}

A life full of experiences may not mean less financial security {NYT}

Switzerland’s forgotten role in saving WWI lives {BBC}

Switzerland's forgotten role in WWI
Switzerland’s forgotten role in WWI

FAQs: Air travel and EgyptAir {NYT}

Related: The search for EgyptAir Flight 804 {The Atlantic}

When social media steals travel moments {YTravel}

Five simple steps to be a more ethical traveler {along dusty roads}

Along Dusty Roads
Along Dusty Roads

Happy reading!