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Latitude is about more than one person’s travel stories. It’s about more than overwhelming international news. Latitude is creating cultural awareness and global understanding by providing a new view of the world that combines international news and travel stories to inspire explorers to open the world.

Run by the same brain behind Go Darty Blog, Latitude is the new(er) site for travel, news and cultural appreciation.

As one of the first here, I hope you’ll help it get started by joining in on social media, asking questions, and getting the conversation started!




Meet the author

Anna DaughertyBorn and raised Texan, Anna Daugherty is a University of Texas grad with a journalism degree and a love of traveling (obviously). She’s the main brains behind Latitude and is passionate about informing others and helping the world seem more connected and less frightening.

She currently lives in Austin with her husband Scott and is a freelance journalist. She loves being outside, taking admittedly mediocre photographs, and spending time with family — including some ridiculously adorable nieces and nephews.